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46 Wael Z. Tawfik, Mostafa Afifi Hassan, Muhammad Ali Johar, Sang-Wan Ryu, June Key Lee, Highly conversion efficiency of solar water splitting over p-Cu2O/ZnO photocatalyst grown on a metallic substrate, Journal of Catalysis 374 (2019) 276–283
45 J. Lee, Y. You, M. A. Saeed, S. H. Kim, S. Choi, S. Kim, S. Y. Lee, J. Park & J. W. Shim, Undoped tin dioxide transparent electrodes for efficient and cost-effective indoor organic photovoltaics (SnO2 electrode...), NPG Asia Materials (2021) 13:43
44 Byoung-Hwa Kwon, H. Lee, M. Kim, C. W. Joo, H. Cho, Jong Tae Lim, Yeon Sik Jung, A Systematic Study of the Interactions in the Top Electrode/Capping Layer/Thin Film Encapsulation of Transparent OLEDs, Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry (2020)
43 Kumar Mallem, Junsin Yi et al., Effects of post deposition annealing atmosphere on interfacial and electrical properties of HfO2/Ge3N4 gate stacks, Thin Solid Films 675 (2019) 16–22,
42 Muhammad Zafar, BongSoo Kim, Do-Heyoung Kim, Improvement in performance of inverted polymer solar cells by interface engineering of ALD ZnS on ZnO electron buffer layer, Applied Surface Science Volume 481, 1 July 2019, Pages 1442-1448
41 Seung Min Lee, Do Hwan Jung, S. Yoon, Y. Jang, Jung Hwan Yum, Eric S. Larsen, C. W. Bielawski, Jungwoo Oh, Band alignment of BeO gate dielectric grown by atomic-layer deposition on AlGaN/GaN HEMTs, Applied Surface Science Volume 505, 1 March 2020, 144107
40 Yoonseo Jang, , S. M. Lee, D. H. Jung, , J. H. Yum, Eric S. Larsen, C. W. Bielawski, Jungwoo Oh, Improved dielectric properties of BeO thin films grown by plasma enhanced atomic layer deposition, Solid-State Electronics, Volume 163, January 2020, 107661
39 Rohit D. Chavan, P. Yadav, M. Mahdi Tavakoli, D. Prochowicz, A. Nimbalkar, Sangram P. Bhoite, Popatrao N. Bhosalef and Chang Kook Hong, Double layer mesoscopic electron contact for efficient perovskite solar cells, The Royal Society of Chemistry 2019
38 Sang Min Jung , Chul Jin Park , Jin Hwan Kim , Moo Whan Shin, Selective annealing of Al2O3/silicon interface by using an Nd3þ: YAG laser with a wavelength of 532 nm, Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing Volume 109, April 2020, 104956
37 K. Agrawal, V. Patil, F. Ali, M. Rabelo, Won Jong Yoo, Eun-Chel Cho, Junsin Yi, Interface state density and barrier height improvement in ammonium sulfide treated Al2O3/Si interfaces, Current Applied Physics Volume 26, June 2021, Pages 83-89