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About NCD

NCD, which is a next generation technology leader in the production system for Solar energy,
Display, Semiconductor and Nano-based technology,is continuously going forward with New
Challenge and Dream as our moto.

We have provided not only the differentiated equipment which is able to overcome technological
difficulties, but also the production process development by applying atomic layer deposition(ALD)
and chemical vapor deposition(CVD) in a variety of customer’s business fields. In particular, we are
leading the competitive ALD technology controlling the thickness an atomic scale in higher mass
production and large-area application.

ALD/CVD Technology application field

  • Solar energy
  • Display
  • Semiconductor
  • Nano-based technology

The needs for high efficiency and productivity in Solar industry are currently much increasing. So we have developed Lucida™ GS series of which productivity is more than 4,500wafers/hr for high efficiency c-Si Solar cell passivation. In addition, Lucida™ TS series have developed and supplied to Solar cell manufacturers for the process of Cd free buffer layer for large-area GIGS thin film Solar cell. . Also, we have developed Lucida™ GD series for large-area and supplied them to OLED product manufacturers for the process of encapsulation and barrier layers with excellent encapsulation properties of ALD oxide layers against H2O and O2.

Business fields

  • Equipment
  • Coating
  • Process
  • Process

Our business field is to focus on an equipment development, process development, coating service, and process consulting through our advanced ALD&CVD technologies, and also to develop the creative, competitive R&D and mass production equipment.