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LucidaTM GuD Series ALD

High throughput atomic layer deposition system for OLED displays

Process module for LucidaTM GuD series

Lucida GuD Series


  • Barrier layer(Al2O3) for Si-wafer substrate
  • WVTR(water vapor transmission rate) of <5.0x10-4 g/m2
  • Encapsulation layer(Al2O3) for Micro-OLED
  • Applications of mass-product


  • High throughput :>10 wafer/hour (Ref.: 30k/month, Tact Time: 1min @50nm)
  • Substrate size :12 inch


  • Advanced process kit and small volume chamber for short gas cycle times
  • Extremely materialized ALD mechanism
  • Small foot print
  • Totally integrated process module
  • Easy process control

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications
Model Material Wafer Size (inch) Thickness (nm) Throughput (panel/hour)
LucidaTM GuD200-C Al2O3 8 30 >10@LL + 5ALD + UL
LucidaTMGuD300-C Al2O3 12 30 >10@LL + 5ALD + UL