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Coating service

NCD can provide coating services and process demoes to customers who are interested in coating for various applications of optics, energy, sensor, bio, MEMS, etc. using our advanced ALD technology and equipment in our lab.
Using Lucida™ D100 ALD system and D200 ALD system in our demo room, we are able to provide schools, laboratories etc. a variety of thin film coating services including AI2O3, ZnO, HfO2, ZrO2, Ru, TiO2 and so on.
Especially, we have done business with the companies from domestic, China, Taiwan and European countries by supplying process demoes of AI2O3 for crystalline silicon solar passivation to increase cell efficiency using Lucida™ GS1600 ALD system (3400wafers/hour) and ZnS and ZnOS for Cd free buffer layers of CIGS solar cells using TS600 ALD system.
In addition, the process demoes of encapsulation and barrier layers for OLED products using Lucida™ GD ALD system have recently been increased.

Contact us directly with your requests.

Lists of ALD process service
(Subject to change depending on precursor status.)
  • Al2O3 (TMA+H2O(or O3))
  • HfO2 (TEMAHf+H2O(or O3))
  • ZrO2 (TEMAZr+H2O(or O3))
  • TiO2 (TTIP or TDMAT +H2O(or O3))
  • ZnO (DEZ+H2O(or O3))
  • Al doped ZnO (TMA, DEZ+H2O(or O3))
  • ZnS (DEZ+H2S)
  • Ru (RuDi+O2)
  • etc......

ALD decorative color coatings