Signed large-scale contracts to supply ALD equipment to Chinese DMEGC for high efficiency solar cells
   NCD has just received large-scale contracts with Chinese DMEGC to supply up to 400MW solar cell manufacturing ALD equipment. This mass production equipment is several Lucida TM GS1600 ALD and Automation Systems to produce high efficiency crystalline solar cells with depositing fast high quality Al2O3 ALD on Si wafers. It is repeat order of the same system supplied in the production line because the customer has been satisfied with the excellence of the system, that is, our technology and competitiveness are confirmed by the Chinese customer again. NCD is discussing supply agreements with many other customers besides this contract so is looking forward to rapid sales growth in the near future.
Aluminum Oxide Deposition Equipment 2017 published by TAIYANGNEWS
   Recently, the contents on NCD solar tools are showed in Market Survey, “Aluminum Oxide Deposition Equipment 2017”, by TAIYANGNEWS. The Main contents are the comparison of Aluminum Oxide Deposition Equipment from several equipment providers including NCD on Thickness, Uptime, TMA Consumption, Efficiency, Thickness uniformity. You could see that NCD Lucida GS Series are the optimal tools which are possible to use Ozone with high reactivity at low temperature in addition to water vapor as the reactant gas and have the lowest TMA consumption as well as the highest throughput. Also there is the specification table of Lucida GS 1600. You can download the PDF at Download from Customer Center.
NCD supplied Full Automation for Lucida GS Series to Tongwei Solar
   NCD has recently supplied Full Automation System to Chinese Tongwei Solar for solar cell manufacturing ALD equipment. This is Full Automation System including pitch changer to supply wafers automatically to Lucida GS ALD Series which had already installed in the customer site for high quality Al2O3 thin film deposition. The connection of ALD and Full Automation System to handle wafers automatically will make faster and more convenient ALD process.
In the future, the sales of Full Automation System along with ALD equipment will be increasing because most customers will need more productivity and more efficiency of work.
March 22,2017
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NCD to supply Lucida GS Series ALD system to a big Chinese manufacturer, Tongwei Solar, for high efficiency crystalline solar cells
March 22,2017
   NCD has recently contracted with Chinese Tongwei Solar to supply solar cell manufacturing equipment which can produce cells of over 100MW. This equipment, Lucida GS Series ALD system, uses to process Al2O3-ALD passivation on the rear side of wafers for mass-producing high efficiency crystalline solar cells.
This achievement with Tongwei Solar follows DMEGC’s in China and then means that the oversea customer has proved NCD’s technology and the excellence of the equipment again.
Lucida GS Series as batch ALD deposition equipment can produce over 4,000 wafers (@ 6nm thickness) of 156mm X 156mm size per hour and also it can be speedier and more convenient once the system is combined with the automation that handles wafers automatically. AS using our tools in solar cell production lines, the manufacturing cost will be lower dramatically than that of competitors owing to the high throughput, high yield, efficient gas consumption, and low maintenance cost of the equipment.
Based on these advantages and excellence, Lucida GS Series will be the essential and international system which applies ALD process for manufacturing high efficiency solar cells in the future.
The NCD’s rapid growth will be expected this year because this contract considers the green light for bulk orders. NCD does the efforts continuously to be the world best and professional company leading advanced ALD technologies.
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