PRODUCTSDisplayLucida™ GD Series ALD
Lucida™ GD Series ALD
High throughput atomic layer deposition system for
OLED displays
  • Barrier layer(Al2O3, TiO2) for flexible substrate
  • WVTR(water vapor transmission rate) of 5.3x10-5g/m2·day
    (tritiated water test @30nm Al2O3/PEN substrate)
  • Encapsulation layer(Al2O3,TiO2) for OLED
  • Applications of mass-product
  • High throughput : > 30 panels/hour
  • Substrate size : > 6G (1500 x 1850mm2)
  • Advanced process kit and small volume chamber for short gas cycle times
  • Extremely materialize ALD mechanism
  • Small foot print
  • Totally integrated process module
  • Easy process control
Technical specifications
Model Material Panel size
Lucida™ GD250 Al2O3,TiO2 370x470 30 >30
Lucida™ GD450H Al2O3,TiO2 730x460 30 >30
Lucida™ GD450 Al2O3,TiO2 730x920 30 >30
Lucida™ GD550Q Al2O3,TiO2 650x750 30 >30
Lucida™ GD600H Al2O3,TiO2 1500x925 30 >30
Lucida™ GD600 Al2O3,TiO2 1500x1850 30 >30

Process module for Lucida™ GD series

Cluster system for Lucida™ GD series

Demo version of Lucida™ GD600
More information for application and specification for Lucida™ GD series