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NCD supplied repeated ALD equipment for special protective coating


< Lucida GSH Series ALD >

NCD Co., Ltd. has again supplied large-scale productive ALD equipment to a Korean customer. It is for special coating parts used in semiconductor equipment to protect from corrosion and plasma arcing.
This contracted equipment is the improved Lucida GSH Series ALD, which is capable of coating more and heavier products at once than the existing equipment. So the customer is able to obtain the greater increased productivity and reduced coating costs.
As semiconductor devices become smaller and more integrated, particles and byproducts that were not a problem before can significantly affect device performance, so the cleaning cycle and life time of parts used in semiconductor equipment are becoming shorter.
Therefore, atomic layer deposition protective coating on parts can be a very effective solution, and high-quality, uniform atomic layer coating can achieve the effect of increasing the usage time of expensive parts in semiconductor equipment without cleaning and replacement.
Previously, atomic layer deposition protective coating was widely applied to expensive parts such as showerheads and ESCs, but recently, it has been applied to various semiconductor equipment parts with complex gas paths, quartz products with complicated shapes, and high-purity precursor canisters that require the lowest impurity control. The scope of application is gradually increasing so we will look forward to steady and continued expansion of products and markets in this application field.
This repeated contract confirms once again the excellence of NCD's industrial atomic layer deposition technology and equipment to its customers, and it showed NCD to have occupied the leader on the gradually expanding market of atomic layer deposition equipment for part protection coating. NCD will continue to pioneer new atomic layer deposition markets based on its best technology and customer trust.